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Old Enough To Know Better presented by Wahoo

"To live without dreams is to live without joy. We all have dreams, hopes, and goals that spark inside the brain. Like a wax candle, they burn strong and bright initially, reaching and striving for oxygen, but as time goes on, the fire can begin to flicker as the fuel slows down, and other elements sway the balance of chemistry.

Holding onto dreams, and keeping that fire burning is something to be celebrated. Yet, in an increasingly fast-paced world, our lives can be shaped and dictated to us by the views of society. As we age, our bodies - aches, pains, and all - and the subtle mental scarring from past endeavors where we felt we didn't reach our best can dampen our spirits to act out our dreams.

Rab Wardell is striving, fighting, and living his life full of fire and joy. His dreams are still bright, and at 36 his desire to compete at the highest level, and be the best athlete he can be, is a chance for all of us to analyze if we should ever be "old enough to know better”

Watch episode one premiere on the Wahoo Fitness channel at 12:00 GMT on Tuesday the 7th of December 2021


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