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Enduro Training Vlog

I wanted to share how I have gone about getting ready for the Enduro World Series in the Tweed Valley next week. Last week I collected a new Santa Cruz Bronson which is the first Enduro bike I have had since 2018. With the race being so close I decided I needed to fast-track my riding so that I can enjoy the race and be satisfied with my performance.

You can find out more in the vlog, but a couple of tips people might find useful are:

  • I decided to ride trails I was familiar with so that I could feel how the bike was reacting and make any changes that were needed

  • I rode the same track 4 times back to back to build confidence

  • I started off slow and build pace as my confidence improved

  • I rode on my own so I didn't need to make any compromises

  • I focused on the process and not the outcome

I hope you find this video useful and entertaining. If you'd like to see more then please like, subscribe and comment!

And if you would like private skills coaching on the steep and technical trails at Aberfoyle then you can book a session with a professional mountain bike coach here.

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