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Downtime Podcast

While racing at the Enduro World Series in the Tweed Valley I got the opportunity to sit down and chat with Chris Hall of the Downtime Podcast. We chatted about my career so far as a bike rider and coach, as well as touching on some of the more difficult times I've experienced.

"Rab has recently turned pro, aged 36 and shown that you can come back from low points in your life to chase your dreams. Rab offers some insight into how he did that, as well as sharing some wisdom on over-training and how to fuel events that I hope you’ll find really useful. This episode is a bit different to the norm and is a story and a conversation that I think is really important to hear. Hit the link in my bio to give it a listen."

If you would like to hear about what we talked about then you can listen on all of the usual podcast providers, or hit this link for more.

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