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Taming the Cobbler with Ali C

Check out the Drop and Roll Tour's own Ali C's latest vlog, filmed a few weeks ago when we climbed and descended The Cobbler in Arrochar in an evening. Arrochar is one of my favourite places and a reason why I love living in Glasgow. It's so close that you can visit in an evening and climb beautiful mountains.

As I was, and currently still am, without a mountain bike (Santa Cruz Bikes awesome support was a perk of working for Dirt School and I'm still seeking my personal bike supplier) I was riding my friend John from Vision Ramps 5010. It is a wee bit small for me but still so much fun!

Anyway, this vlog brings back amazing memories of sunshine and mountains. I'm buzzing having watched it and now I'm making plans to get high on bikes again soon!

Over and out


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