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Gallus Baffies!

After my recent crash, a whole lot of my kit was ruined. Jerseys, leg warmers, shorts, helmet and glasses. My bike shoes were wrecked too. I was wearing a pair of silver Giro Empire VR90s which I've had for about 3 years now. They were scuffed and scraped up - so an out of date style was now badly damaged too...

Fortunately for me one of my talented friends, and former house mate, James Wright has started a new venture called 'Gallus Baffies' - check it out on Facebook and Instagram. Essentially if you have some bike shoes and you want to have the customised, refurbished or both, James is your man. 'Gallus' and 'Baffies' are Scottish/Glaswegian words - 'gallus' means bold or daring and 'baffies' are slippers! James is Glasgow born and bred (hence the name) and has turned his hand to making your bike shoes look awesome again. Or if you'd like, your new shoes can become 100% custom for that unique touch.

I was fortunate to pick up some awesome new kit from Endura last Thursday (more on this soon...) and jokingly text James to ask if he could refurbish and customise my shoes to match in time to race the Battle Of The Bing the following Sunday (tomorrow - come, support and make some noise!)! He replied asking if I was having a laugh, before suggesting that I get them to him that night.

I've just collected my shoes again and I can't believe how awesome they look! I just gave the shoes to James and showed him my kit and he came up the the design and plans. I'm so stoked on them and can't thank James enough! Cheers man!

If you have a pair of beloved bike shoes that are looking a little tired - or maybe you want to have some bling, unique shoes to go with your riding kit - then get in touch with James. You won't regret it. I just can't promise he'll turn them around for you as quickly as he did for me!

Now if I'm not fast at Battle Of The Bing tomorrow, at least I'll look fast!

Over and out,


#gallusbaffies #ridebikesandgetoutside


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