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Arran High School MTB Club Visit

Today I was lucky enough to visit Arran High School, including the rad mountain bike club, and deliver a presentation I've been working on for a wee while. I have been making school visits as part of the Champions In Scotland scheme from Winning Scotland Foundation for about 5 years and it was great to present a talk on my own topic.

My presentation 'Good Times All The Time *mostly' is about my career as a bike racer, what came before and after it. I talk about all the rad times and some of the struggles too. I also try to tackle the topics of social media and mental health, especially in young people. I want to do my best to be an advovate for mental health awareness and appropriate social media use.

I was visiting Arran for the third time in a month and I'm starting to really love the place - I'm already thinking about a trip over to conquer Goat Fell. I really got a warm reception from the teaching staff and students (despite arriving late having missed the 7am ferry...) and they even continued to listen closely when I overran in my presentation quite considerably!

What really blew me away was the set up and professionalism of the bike club at Arran High School. They had a workshop which put most of the teams I've ridden for to shame, and a fleet of bike for pupils as well as trained leaders to guide groups. The club meets twice a week and rides on the awesome natural trails which scatter the island. I was lucky enough to be shown a quick route by the group and also skid my way down a clif edge trail too! If you've not been you should definitely check it out for road, gravel and mtb riding!

It was a flying visit but I'll defintely be back and hopefully to see everyone at Arran High School again. Keep doing what you're doing, dream big and stay stoked!

If your school, club or workplace would like me to come and speak to you then you can get in touch her

#ridebikesandgetoutside #arran #cycling


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